The Vintage Queen & Holt-Howard

If you have been in the vintage world long, you have probably stumbled across the name Holt-Howard. Maybe in some research? Maybe an HH sticker stamped to the bottom of your favorite winking Santa dish?

First, I should have started with the well known fact amongst my family and close friends that


Of course when I started my quest to educate myself more into the world of antiquities, I had no idea who Holt-Howard was…I was a Lefton gal, though & through (ask me about my bluebirds! 😊🤗).

As it turns out, Holt-Howard happens to be the MASTER of vintage whimscal ceramic decor with their wide array of iconic winking Santas to their famous (and pricey!) Pixieware. Anthropomorphic veggies also became a popular theme as well as the Cozy Cat and Exotic Rooster lines.

I am testing out a new format on this post in an attempt to create a more informative and easy to read forum, constructive feedback is always welcome! ❤💕


  • Holt-Howard was created by brothers John and Robert Howard, along with their good friend Grant Howard.
  • Holt-Howard started distributing in 1949 until 1969 when they were bought out by General Housewares Corporation.
  • They were housed originally in New York City until they were moved to Conneticut in 1955.
  • Holt-Howard’s first distributions were specifically ceramic Christmas items.
  • Most products made by the company were either stamped or labeled with a double “H” logo as well as the date of creation (love that part…no date guessing!😍)
  • Holt-Howard productions ended in the beginning of the ’90s, however similar items are still being produced with the marking GHA indicating founder, Grant Holt.
  • Bob Howard was the artist on many of the designs the company created.
  • The Holt-Howard company made anything from figurines to mugs as well as a whole array of ceramic kitchen and household items in between.

Available on Etsy:

HH Jelly Pixieware

Article source:

Article source:

Article source: Lollipops and Roses Blog

All pictures have been borrowed from Pinterest.


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