The Vintage Queen & The Mad Men

So I have to admit, even though Mad Men (the show) ended a few years ago now, I have been recording them on my DVR and I am beyond addicted to it’s vintage-y goodness. There’s so much to love about this show. The history, Joan & Peggy (go women in a man’s world), the ads and of course the sexy, a-little-to-dramatically-complex & secretive Don Draper.

Even with all these gems, we all know why we kept coming back…those beautiful, vintage clothes. 😍😍

Literally EVERY TIME I watch an episode, I find a new outfit I’m dying to own…but these 5 take the cake.

Betty’s Italian Little Black Dress

Don and Betty go on an impromptu trip to Italy to rekindle the romance. She is sitting alone at a street cafe where two Italian men try to flirt with her. Don enters and sits at a table next to hers pretending not to know her and they have the most disgustingly adorable meet-cute as “strangers”. Gorgeous dress, hair and shows traces of her Pre-Don life as a model.

Joan’s Blue Wiggle Dress+Jewelry

Joan Harris (Holloway) is the queen of the office, but in my opinion, incredibly underappreciated. She not only perfected the art of office sex appeal, but had the hourglass figure a wiggle dress was made for. I love this dress for a number of reasons, but mainly the color, bow and those gorgeous gold jewelry accents. Woo!!

Red Mod dress + matching bag

Peggy is definitely the work-aholic, brass-balled Tomboy/Pollyanna of the office. I think the best styles she had were later on in the series. With her shorter hair and mod 60s hipster vibe, her best dresses were a crisp, clean mix of edgy and sophistication.

And she looks A-MAZ-ING in red.

Trudy’s Polka dots+Pillbox hat

I always felt like Trudy was the Jackie-O of the Mad Men family. Clearly smart and raised to be the ultimate housewife, Trudy is obviously the woman driving much of Peter’s success. And I feel bad because Peter is mostly a prick throughout much of the show…but neither here, nor there. Her wardrobe is classic, clean cut and very traditional (pearls, button earrings, dress gloves), much like Camelot’s first lady. I wish she would’ve gotten a bigger role :/

Yellow patterned dress+Red lips

Dr. Faye…a guest star in Don’s revolving door of love interests. Though short lived and passed over for the second Mrs. Draper, Megan, she made almost as much of an impression as Rachel from Season 1. Strong, career driven and frankly dressed to impress. Bravo Doctor! 😍

Are you a Mad Men fan? What are favorite Man Men outfits of yours??

Happy Monday,

M. Winter


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