The Vintage Queen & The Blog

Thank you for visiting ‘The Vintage Queen’ blog! I’m Manda Winter and have been slowly evolving ‘The Vintage Queen’ into what it has yet decided to be since December 2017.

A few things about me: I’ve been married since January 2018 to my husband, Matt, but we’ve been together almost 4 years. He is a welder by day & does rustic functional art fabrication in his spare time, so we have a very uniquely decorated house! 😂 I am the mommy to a band of three hooligan puppies. Sarcasm is my favorite pastime & I love a good pun. I am obsessed with old books and love to read! I am a barista for a small, locally owned coffee company by day & a nerdy, vintage collecting, movie obsessed, history buff by night. I would marry Tom Hanks if we ever met (yes, Matt knows 😂). I’ve been collecting vintage and an appreciator for many years, mostly because my mother was a collector for many years (and still is!). In another life, I would’ve been the next Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austen…but I’ve settled for a blog instead. I do enjoy writing short stories on occasion, so if you’re a fan of cheesy fictional literary snacks, you’ve come to the right (write) place. 🤣

There is a lot to look forward to this year! The tentative launch date for ‘The Vintage Queen’ Etsy store is July 1st, 2018 & the lovely circle of vintage friends on Instagram & Facebook is growing by the day! If you haven’t joined ‘The Vintage Queen’ yet, the instagram handle is @_thevintagequeen_ , so I hope to see you soon!

Happy Hunting,

M. Winter

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