Third Times the Charm, Baby.

Happy Holidays, my friends!!


As a new year is again upon us, a new resolution has once again emerged!  I have always loved writing (this will be my 3rd blog attempt! 😓), but it always seems I am struggling against the current to find a niche that I am excited to share with the world day after day.

I have been collecting vintage/antique/classically epic things since college when I was so broke that I couldn’t afford boxed macaroni and cheese (or anything else for that matter!😂), let alone decor for my apartment.

This led to one of my favorite hobbies: Thrifting!

10 years later and as it turns out, this hobby is coming in handy!  My fiancee (!!) and I are getting married in two weeks and it’s going to be a DIY/Vintage family affair like no other! There are definate perks to a January wedding…post-Christmas sales on twinkle lights for one! 🙂

(More to come, stay tuned!)

SO, Welcome! Oh, and a VERY Merry Christmas! A few of my favorite things (Christmas edition!)…

  1. Vintage Silent Night Shiny Bright! I’m obsessed.
  2. My sister, Bri.  So short, bossy & loveable you can’t help but love her. But she will beat you up if you’re mean.
  3. My mom’s white wire, vintage Christmas tree. So much amazingness. And jealousy.
  4. These adorable candlestick holders I saw at Target, a potential project.  They look super easy to make and customize. PROJECT! 😀
  5. A side effect of my EBay addiction, lots of mail. Santa baby…#saltnpeppa!
  6. More Shiny Bright amazingness.
  7. Original Westinghouse Roaster with stand. Works and everything…sadly it lives with my parents.
  8. SO SHINY 😍😍😍
  9. Hofert’s Vintage Christmas lights. I love the graphics on the boxes almost as much as the lights.

What are your favorite Christmas things??

Merry Christmas & the very best to you and yours! ❤



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